Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Tweetgate" and Vetter's Running mates

So, "Tweetgate" is a thing--as it should be. After all, the the public postings of someone who could be in charge of the direction of our children's education is fair game.  These tweets reveal the character and demeanor of a person who could possibly sit on a board of education and help form educational policy.

What's even more telling is that Scott Vetter is running on a slate with three other candidates: Donna Kurtz, Raphael Kamner and Jeff Pletz. These candidates have been silent on the issue of the tweets. Jennifer Weinhammer is running for Cary Trustee, and she has been on record publicly endorsing Scott Vetter in other races. She, too, is silent.

What does this silence say?  We can only imagine.

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