Saturday, May 27, 2017

Andrew Gasser...Draining the Swamp?

During the recent local elections, Andrew Gasser commandeered Donald Trump's campaign slogan of "draining the swamp."

Instead of draining the swamp, he created a swamp of broken televisions and gallons of paint.

You see, Algonquin Township has a nationally recognized recycling program that accepts paint, electronics and other items on the last Saturday of the month starting in March.

Or, I should say, had a nationally recognized recycling program.

But that was B.A.G. -- Before Andrew Gasser.

Today, many people went to the Algonquin Township office with their televisions and paint, but found it closed.

Yes, the sign along the street did say that "specialized" recycling for May was cancelled:

But the signs in the parking lot announce that recycling is on Saturday.  So people dropped off a bunch of stuff.

And now, Andrew Gasser has released a video of the mess and blamed the residents for not following directions.

Other than driving by the office, how would people have known that the recycling has been cancelled? It certainly wasn't on the website.  In fact, the website is nothing compared to what it had been before Gasser's election.

If you wanted to go to the recycling center's website, this is what you would find:

Here is what is was in April:

In fact, all of the information that used to be accessible on the Algonquin Township Highway Department is no longer available online. No information about the recycling center. No calendar. No news. Nothing.

In fact, this is what the homepage looks like today:

And here is what it looked like in April:

So what is Gasser up to?  On the surface, he's simply blaming others for his incompetence. But it is more than that. After the election, he removes all references to the recycling program from the website, offers no links, no news to the cancellation of the end-of-the-month Specialty recycling. He puts up only one sign, but keeps the others up in the parking lot.

And when people show up, he gets angry, films the mess and blames those who left the paint and tv's. He even threatens people with the surveillance cameras. 

Nice job draining that swamp Andrew.

I can't wait to see what you so next.


  1. Well said. The fiasco yesterday was easily preventable or at very least easily managed. Mr. Gasser did neither. Instead, he retroactively faulted his own constituents and attempted to distance himself from responsibility. We have not heard the last of this developing story.

  2. Maybe we need to start a recall campaign!!!

  3. This is what happens when people don't vote. Local elections will impact our lives the fastest. And now the rest of us have to pay for the indifference. I sincerely hope there's a Township to recover once this asshat is up for re-election.

  4. When will Gasser be running for his next big vanity office? Governor? Surgeon General or tea party in space commander?